Breakfast and facilities
Le antiche Volte b&b

Our breakfast

We offer a poor breakfast, but full of good and simple things:

bread: only small rustic loaves from a nearby artisan bakery
jams: never less than 3, of those where you see and hear the pieces of fruit; some very traditional (apricots, cherries, strawberries), others a bit unusual (rennet apples, pears and cinnamon, prunes and vanilla, peaches and raspberries) ... depending on what the previous season gave us ...
fruit juices: in addition to the more normal ones, we offer 2 based on ancient varieties of apples grown in a local farm: Fior di Melo and Kimel (unusual combination of apples and kiwi)
coffee: no espresso type bar ... only the coffee pot at home and only the fine arabica blend of a nearby artisan roasting
tea: we are true lovers of this drink, especially the green one ... we offer you at least 15 types of a particular London house (green, flavored and not, classic blacks, flavored blacks) ... it is difficult to serve it with milk or lemon , but for our guests we are willing to "turn a blind eye" ...
desserts: they are "surprising" ... but not before asking if you have food intolerances or allergies; our morning alarm is set according to the cooking time of the muffins, the cake and the biscuits you will find at the table
fresh fruit: you can find it only if it is from our orchard and therefore only if it is in season ... no strawberries in December or kiwi in August ...

It goes without saying that you will also find the most obvious things: milk, yogurt, muesli and cereals, butter, nutella and ... quince jelly that, to most people, remembers the snacks of childhood and we know to be very appreciated by sportsmen.


• Free wi-fi
• Closed internal parking
• Free return home
• Touristic material (guides and books)
• Agreements with local companies


Amenities around us

• Kiosk, tobacconist, mini-market, pharmacy, petrol station
• Church and daily mass
• Restaurant (4 – 10 km range)
• Bank (3 km)