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Acini e Rose Guest House

We are in Canavese Valley, a little known area of Piemonte and, for this reason, still rich in suggestions and treasures to discover, wedged between Turin and Valle D’Aosta.

It is difficult to find such a high concentration of nature, culture, history and flavors elsewhere: but do not expect a uniform territory; here the industrial vocation is still clearly visible and present, do not forget that just a few kilometers from us Olivetti has shaped his creature, made up of factories,, knowledge, urban planning and, a little further, towards the mountains, steel still takes shape today with mallet blows.

We like to describe the Canavese Valley as a puzzle: neatly cultivated fields alternate with small industries, chestnut woods surround quiet hill or mountain villages, precious vineyards lie on the hills near the lakes.

It is a territory "FOR EVERYONE"!


Via XX settembre 3 - 10090 Montalenghe (TORINO) ITALY
Tel: +39 347 4530362
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