Wellness area Blu Relax
Acini E Rose Guest House

Wellness and comfort in the Piedmont hills

BLU RELAX is the wellness area reserved for our guests and is not open to the public.
An intimate, unique and cozy environment, recovered from the past. Precious moments of pure relaxation for body and mind await you, with:
- Two "twin" whirlpool baths, filled with hot water, to pamper you by candlelight
- Shower with rain shower head, cervical waterfall and hydromassage, to wash away those times’ tiredness and heaviness
- Sinuous and embracing beds, on which closing your eyes and being carried away by background music and fragrances dispersed in the environment.

BLU RELAX is an intimate, authentic,
intense experience


Morning - from 10.00 to 11.30
Afternoon - from 2.30 pm to 4.00 pm / from 5.30 pm to 7.00 pm
Evening - from 9.30 pm to 11.00 pm


€ 35.00 per person, for use as a couple
€ 50.00 for individual use

What is included

- Exclusive access for 1h and 30' to whirlpools with adjustable intensity, multifunction shower, relaxation loungers and toilet;
- Aromatherapy and chromotherapy integrated into environment, with possibility of choosing colours and scents:
Eucalyptus, green colour, for purifying and balsamic effect
Sicilian orange, orange colour, for energizing and antidepressant effect
Lemon, yellow colour, for refreshing and invigorating effect
Lavender, purple colour, for soothing and calming effect
- Towels for loungers, bathrobes, hand towels, mats, disposable slippers, hairdryer;
- Carafe with hot water and everything needed to prepare teas, herbal teas and infusions;
- Background music;
- Environment and equipment sanitisation with STR-Solution UV technology;
- Change of water in whirlpool baths at each guest change.

Rules in Blu Relax

- Access to BLU RELAX is only allowed to our guests;
- It is not allowed to invite friends or external people not currently staying in the structure;
- Access by reservation only, to be made at least 12 hours in advance;
- Entrance for max 2 persons at the same time (plus minors, if they cannot be left alone in the rooms);
- It is forbidden to occupy a single bath for two, both because of the weight capacity of each tub, and for the excessive water level, which would limit the proper working function of the whirlpool system;
- It is not allowed to use any body product other than those provided by us, and in any case they have to be exclusively utilized in the shower;
- Use of foaming products in whirlpool baths is absolutely forbidden;
- It is kindly requested to remove bracelets, necklaces, rings that could cause scratches and lines on baths;
- For greater comfort and to enhance benefits from hydromassage, it is not recommended the use of bathing suit. In case you are willing to wear it, we recommend it to be free of hooks that could accidentally scratch the baths, as well as studs, beads, sequins that could get lost in the hydro-jet system;
- The guest already finds hot water in the whirlpool baths and can immediately start hydromassage, which has a pre-set duration of 30 minutes. However, it is possible to stop it earlier, or to extend it if water temperature is still considered pleasant. The rest of the available time can be managed independently.
- The guest is kindly asked not to empty the tubs, nor to bring linen belonging to wellness area into the room;
- Please respect the BLU RELAX occupancy times, in order to allow proper cleaning, disinfection operations and preparation of the area for next guests.