Acini E Rose Guest House

ACINI E ROSE is an ancient story
still current today

Our grandparents, with their knowledge and experience, used to plant roses at the beginning of each row of grapevines and carefully observed their life cycle: any eventual disease, or susceptibility to viruses and mineral deficiency, could have helped to predict in advance the state of health of vines, and to readily respond.
The rose flower was basically the sentinel, the sailor warning for pirates’ attack, the canary in mines: it is the story of a symbiosis of two living beings, looking after each other.

We feel a bit like "Roses" and our guests must feel a bit like "Vines"
and, therefore, “Grapes”: protected, followed, with discretion and delicacy

Our goal is to make you feel good, make you spend hours and days serene, let you appreciate the simplicity of evenings on the terrace to chat, make you hear the noise of silence.
We hope to be good enough to anticipate your needs, meet your small needs before they turn into problems.

And, upon your arrival,
we will wait for you as friends expect:
with the doors open and the lights on!